Our house rules

  • Please understand that smoking and pets are not allowed in the apartment. These rules apply out of consideration for future guests.

  • The night's rest of all guests and residents is important to us – therefore please no loud music and no noise after 10 PM.

  • Together with our guests, we strive to collect recyclable material separately from non-recyclable rubbish – please support us in doing so.
    Simply follow the instructions on the collection bins in the service room.
    All recycling materials must strictly be clean and dry.

  • Our house has its own sewage treatment facility. Therefore, except toilet paper, do not throw any hygiene products in the toilet, but use the waste bins provided for this purpose.

  • For environmental reasons, we have already been producing our hot water with our rooftop solar panels for a couple of years – and this quite successfully.
    For this reason we kindly ask our guests to engage in an economical use of hot water.

  • When you leave the cottage, please
    • close all windows and lock the front door
    • put the beach chairs, the hammock and the cushions of the terrace chairs back inside